Bar Ends

Bar ends are extensions that attach to your handle bars on your bicycle. There are different types of bike bar ends that you can get, for example slide on ends, which will attach to your bars, but can be removed quickly and easily. 

Types Of Bar Ends

There are also bolt on versions. This type of bar end is slightly more permanent as they are fixed onto your bars and you would need tools to remove them.

Permanently fixed types can be adjusted to any direction the rider wants them to be. These permanent bar ends can be made out of aluminum, carbon, steel or titanium.

Most of the time bar ends come separately to the bike (as an accessory). This is because many of the popular bike brands do not make and sell ends to go on their handlebars.

Modern Brands And More Facts

Cane Creek offer the Ergo Control Bar Ends. These bar ends are extremely popular (perhaps the most popular available) and loved by many riders. 

The Ergo Control Ends are said to be very comfortable to use, the bar ends are also much more modern style and have a lot more features.

This makes these bar ends more professional and much safer than the bar ends used back in the day. Riders who have slightly more narrow bars, tend to use bar ends more.

In the 90s when bar ends where at their most popular, handle bars were generally narrower, hence lots of riders would bar ends to be at a  bigger advantage when riding.

Bar ends

Are Bar Ends Banned?

Bike bar ends are banned in certain bike groups and clubs. This is usually because the owner, or club as a whole, sees them as a potential risk when riding. 

Bar ends can be dangerous if one rider’s bar end hooks onto another riders clothing, which can cause accidents and injuries, therefore certain bike groups and clubs have banned them.

If the rider is biking in public woods or roads, they will be free to use bar ends if they so wish. Many bike parks will also allow riders to use bar ends, as it is a personal preference and you are generally not riding in a large group at a bike park.

When To Use Bike Bar Ends

These accessories are recommended for use on climbs as it makes climbing (steep uphill) much easier.

They are not as popular as they use to be, the prime time of most riders using bar ends was in the 90s. This is when lots of riders were making use of them and taking advantage of how relaxing it made riding and how easy it made climbing.

Many riders have different opinions on using bar ends when riding. They are like Marmite, some riders hate them and some riders love them. It is completely up to the rider and their personal preference whether use them or not.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bar Ends

These are, of course, some pros and cons of using bar ends. Here is our round up.


  • Allows you to move your hands forward         
  • Lowers the center of gravity           
  • Increases leverage
  • Makes climbing hills easier


  • Extends your handle bars making them wider and more likely to catch on other riders or trees
  • Adds extra weight to the bike         
  • Greater risk of breaking carbon handle bars

How Use Bar Ends Safely

Back in the good old days of bar ends, there were lots of different types and not all of them were safe.

Lots of bar ends would be made out of aluminum, carbon, steel or titanium, and this is dangerous because a long tube of metal sticking out of your bars can easily cause injuries.

To use bar ends safely you need to be cautious and aware of your surroundings, and make sure you are riding safely along the selected track or climb to prevent crashing from catching your bar ends on something along the track.

You must be aware of the fact that you could injure yourself from falling onto your own bar ends if you were to crash.

Use bar ends safely by purchasing the newer and updated bar ends many bike companies sell today. New technology and experience go a long way in creating a safer and more professional bar end product.