What is Cross Country Mountain Biking

Cross Country Mountain Biking

While our previous article on What Is BMX talked about just that, this article will dive deep on exactly what Cross Country Mountain Biking is, or XC MTB for short. So, What Is Cross Country Mountain Biking? As the name may suggest, XC mountain biking more encompasses the distance travelled on the bike, as opposed …

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Mountain Bike Maintenance

mountain bike maintenance

The Importance of Mountain Bike Maintenance When owning a Mountain bike these days; especially a high-end mountain bike variant as is most commonly used these days, it isn’t a farce that your bike could have set you back a similar amount if not more than your car!  Now, when it comes to your motor vehicle, …

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Is Mountain Biking Dangerous?

is mountain biking dangerous

Is Mountain Biking Dangerous? The short answer? Yes. Mountain Biking is an extreme sport and is inherently dangerous. Some would argue mountain biking is less dangerous as the rider is in control, and unlike the case of road biking there are less externalities such as cars to worry about. However, the terrain is grueling and …

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Mountain Bike Terms

mountain bike terms

There are hundreds of Mountain Bike terms and slang words to learn. These slang words have been created and formed from many different sports and types of Mountain Biking. These phrases are used all over the world in different bike parks and tracks. A Guide To Mountain Bike Terms-Learning The Lingo A to Z Numbers: …

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BMX VS Mountain Bike

bmx bike vs mountain bike

Fundamentally as a community, we are united by the fact that we have a passion for riding a frame on two wheels. However, within this community, are massively different configurated frames on wheels for massively varying riding styles and niches. Road vs Touring vs BMX vs Mountain Bikes, the list goes on. Mountain Bike or …

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