Why Bike Helmet Visors Are Important For Mountain Bikers


Mountain biking is an exciting, yet risky sport, so as you ride up your favorite mountain-road combination with the wind in your face and sun beaming down on all sides of you, bike helmet visors are great for protecting your face from the glare and much more. To stay safe on a mountain bike(or any …

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MTB Knee Pads – Why You Need Them

MTB Knee Pads

Why Use MTB Knee Pads?  Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport. We all know this. However, it has never quite been normalized to ride with the suitable protection.  At the end of the day, mountain bikes are more powerful and responsive than ever before, and with this increased speed and downhill performance, comes the …

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The Best MTB Goggles On The Market

best mtb goggles

Why Wear MTB Goggles? Lots of people wear MTB goggles for lots of different reasons. Mtb goggles can be worn for style, protection, enhanced vision, speed and also be worn to keep mud, rain, wind and dust out of your eyes. There are lots of pros (and a few cons) for wearing MTB goggles. There …

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Best BMX Shoes

best bmx shoe

The 7 Best BMX Shoes  Bicycle Motocross, or BMX for short, is arguably the most intensive form of cycling out there.  If death defying jumps, monstrous airs and brain bending tricks don’t sound “gnarly” enough to you, perhaps consider base jumping off a crane to curb your adrenaline cravings.  With all that being said, BMX …

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Best Cycling Face Masks For Winter

bike balaclava

Why wear a cycling face mask in winter you ask? In an age and time where wearing masks is the new normal, many of us are left wanting to rip it off of our faces, grab our bikes and plunge into the fresh air on a backwoods trail somewhere. However, in winter, cycling face masks …

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