How To Tailwhip BMX


What Is a BMX tailwhip? Now that you know about BMX, as well as know about some of the beginner/easy tricks; if you’ve been bitten by the BMX bug, you’ll probably be fiending to learn some new tricks. If you’re not too familiar to the BMX scene or are new to the sport and wanting to learn some nifty beginner tricks, …

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How To Schralp

how to schralp

Learning how to schralp is fun. Everyone loves an awesome schralp(or roost)…except maybe trail builders. Well definitely trail builders! They hate schralping, and for good reason.  Not only do schralps make you look cool, it makes you look like you’re going fast and the spray of dirt behind you looks super impressive! It’s also one …

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5 Easy Jump Tricks For Beginners

5 easy jump tricks for beginners

These 5 easy jump tricks are quick to learn if you follow the instructions in this article. When it comes to jumping and performing tricks on a bike, it is different to every rider.  Some people can learn and do the tricks on their first attempt, and for other people it can take months to …

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How To Whip A Mountain Bike In 5 Easy Steps

whipping a mountain bike

Want to learn how to whip a mountain bike? Throwing a whip is an extremely stylish and popular way of riding a jump. Whipping isn’t only for the looks though, riders also use whipping to set up for the landing. If a rider has jumped towards the edge of the track because of wind or …

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Arm Pump: 4 Easy Ways To Fix It

what is arm pump

If you’ve been a cyclist for some time now, then you’re all too familiar with the effects of arm pump. This is perhaps one of the most dreaded instances for riders, especially when their grip begins to fade.  Then follows the swelling, the pain, the markings, and the insurmountable tightness. Although difficult to deal with, …

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