5 Easy Jump Tricks For Beginners

These 5 easy jump tricks are quick to learn if you follow the instructions in this article. When it comes to jumping and performing tricks on a bike, it is different to every rider. 

Some people can learn and do the tricks on their first attempt, and for other people it can take months to learn.

As you practice more and more, and get comfortable on your bike, the tricks you learn and the style you use when performing the tricks will only improve over time.

When learning new tricks, it is always recommended that you do them on a jump that you have done many times, and are familiar with. This is a safety precaution, because when you learn a new jump trick, you will need to already know a few things about the jump before you start.

Such as, what the takeoff of the jump is like, how much air time you get, how big the landing is and what the landing feels like once you’ve jumped the jump.

Once you are comfortable with the jump you have chosen it’s good to do the jump a couple of times before performing any tricks on it. This will ensure you feel more confident and comfortable when trying out the new tricks you are about to learn on different jumps.

5 Easy Jump Tricks

There are lots of different tricks to learn from. There are jump tricks of all levels, ranging from easy all the way to advanced professional tricks that are performed in specific trick competitions. Here are our 5 favorite tricks:

Bar Turn

The first trick is a bar turn, it may not seem it, but the bar turn is a very important trick to learn. 

This is because it is a gateway trick that enables you to learn other tricks more easily, and it helps you learn combination tricks where the bar turn is involved in the trick, for example the toboggan.

The bar turn is a great trick to learn, because not only does it allow you to explore more tricks, but it makes your riding style look so much better when riding jumps.

Let’s say you were to do a jump and perform a bar turn midair, instead of just jumping it normally with no style or tricks involved. 

It shows that you have control and trust in your bike. This is good as it proves to other riders that you have skill and style.


The next easy trick to learn is an E.T. This trick is where you pedal midair over a jump.

The E.T has become very popular over the past 5 to 8 years in BMXing. Lots of BMX racers use this trick as a speed advantage when racing, because it can generate a small burst of speed when the rider lands.

To do this trick doesn’t take much time or difficulty to learn. All you need to do is ride up the take off and jump the jump as normal. 

Then, when you’re in the air, put in a few, fast pedal strokes and then land as usual. Bam! You have learnt the E.T

The E.T is a very good trick to have under your belt, because it shows that you have balance over the bike and full control when doing jumps.

Pedaling whilst in the air on your bike can be scary, but the more you practice it, you’ll become freer and more confident on the trails.

One Footer

The one-footer is slightly trickier than the previous tricks you have learned so far, as it involves lifting your foot off one of the pedals and placing it back down on the pedal before you land.

This trick has been used for years throughout all types of riding, and is still an extremely popular trick to this day. 

The one-footer is a very safe trick, because you have one foot out ready to catch you if you were to fall off. However, you should still be careful and take it slow when learning a trick like this.

To do the One Footer, you need to make the bike light whilst in the air and have a good grip on the bars and bike in general.

Then simply lift either foot off the pedal to get some free air time, then quickly place it back on the pedal.

A secret tip that some riders do, is to not take off the foot that is in front, and hold the break in midair. 

This will lock up the cranks so the pedals won’t move when you are in the air and make it easier to perform the one-footer.

One Hander

This is another important trick to learn, because just like the bar turn it is a gateway trick and will allow you to combine it with other bike tricks.

The one hander can start with just taking your chosen hand off the bars for a split second. 

Once you’re comfortable taking your hand off, you can then work go all the way to a suicide one hander, it’s all about practice and building up to the bigger ones.

To do the one hander start by jumping as you normally would, but taking your hand off the bars for just the tiniest amount of time. 

Practice, practice, practice. Then once you feel more comfortable doing it, start letting go for a little longer, release your hand more and more, taking it further and further away from the bars.

Once you have mastered the one hander you will be able to build up to more complex one-handed tricks for example, the toboggan (see below), a tire grab, a suicide one hander and many more tricks.


This is the final trick on our list, as it is slightly harder than the other tricks that have been explained.

Although it’s harder than the previous tricks don’t feel intimidated by it, because it is still an easy trick to learn. 

This is where we put our gateway tricks together to make one trick. To do this trick, you are going to want to hit a jump and do the first trick on our list, the bar turn.

Next, while you are in the process of the bar turn, you then let one hand go, this is the one hander mentioned previously. Now you’re doing a bar turn and a one hander at the same time.

5 easy jump tricks for beginners

While those are going, you need to reach your free hand and grab the front side of your saddle, and then before you land, quickly return your free hand so both hands are on the bars just in time for a safe landing.

This is a more intermediate trick compared to the others, but is such an awesome one to learn, plus it shows off all your hard work and proves your riding skills to other riders.


Now you have learnt to do these 5 easy jump tricks you can take them to the trails and show them off to all your friends and fellow riders.

Make sure you are safe at all times when doing these tricks and that you have the right gear, especially a proper helmet and a serviced, stable bike.

If you feel like you are going to crash and can’t prevent it at all, then make sure your arms and legs are tucked in and brace yourself to crash safely.