Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails

Florida, USA is known for its theme parks, warm weather, and stunning beaches. While there is a large community of city BMX riders, there is also a strong community of mountain bikers too.

For this article, we’ll be going over some spots in Florida to ride MTB, with emphasis on the Markham Mountain Bike Trails, with breakdowns of the individual trails as well as the exciting Markham Full Lap!

Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails Map


The access trail for the Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails is graded as moderate in difficulty, and is a 394ft singletrack. It’s not very challenging as it is the access trail after all, and is suitable intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills.

Alligator Alley:

As the name suggests, this trail will snap you up if you’re not careful. It is 3152 feet long so quite lengthy, and severe in difficulty. It is only recommended for expert mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes.

Area 51:

This trail has this name for a reason – nobody enters it and makes it back. Jokes aside, this is graded as an expert trail, above severe difficulty even, with a gruelling, unpredictable 1143ft of extremely thin track. Don’t attempt unless you really know what you are doing!


This trail comes in highly rated, and is a 2153ft long singletrack widely recognized as being moderate in difficulty. A nice long and fun ride to work on endurance.

Bermuda Triangle:

Bermuda Triangle is a 2,659ft less popular singletrack, rated as being moderate in difficulty. Can be tackled by any intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills.


An extremely light and easy-going trail, the first on this list to be rated as easy. It is relatively flat and wide, and perfect for novices and beginners.

Crime Scene:

The only crime here is not going fast enough! A super fun and intermediately difficult trail to tackle, perfect for levelling up your game. It is only 450ft and features a mere 2m climb.

Dark Side:

Another nice easy one for the beginners and novices, this park truly does offer it all.

Deep Dark Forest:

A super fun intermediate trail. It gets muddy, but the little wooden jumps are rather mellow and a huge surge of adrenaline! Great for suitable intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills.

Deja Vu:

1017ft of pure, flat intermediate fun. Nothing more and nothing less to be said about this one, try it out and you’ll love it as long as you aren’t a complete novice.

Fire Tire:

Keep it short and simple would pass well as a description for this track as it is just that, an easy rated singletrack of just 684ft with a little dip and climb, perfect for beginners and novices.

Fishing Hole:

A really nice 1130ft flowy loop track, full of fun dips and climbs in incline and a bunch of other interesting challenges. Great for beginners and those not quite at a proficiently intermediate level for a bit of touch up on technique.

Grassy Knoll:

Sharp, short and brutal. Rated as being severe in terms of difficulty this mere 58ft long trail features a gruelling incline, and is only recommended for expert mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes.

Gun Range:

Another trail for the daredevils that back their abilities to the fullest, this expert difficulty trail is an amalgamation of 1 mile of sharp twists, turns, drops and jumps – with over 20m of incline change. Don’t even think about this one unless you have the experience and physical capability under your belt!

markham park mountain bike trail gun range


One of the less popularly rated trails, Iguana is a 353ft moderately challenging, intermediate difficulty trail. It is suitable for intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills.

Iguana Ridge:

A short but steep climb to enter this short little trail. You’ll need some momentum to get in. After that it’s an interesting intermediate little trail that is very narrow and fun.

Iguana Ridge (Alt):

The spoilt sibling of the regular Iguana Ridge route – this trail is severe in difficulty and will have its way with you if you’re not an expert mountain bike user, used to physically demanding routes.

Jet Ski Hill:

Jet Ski because you’ll be zooming. This severe difficulty rated trail seems innocent, but the 9m incline climb to straight drop hill is not for the faint hearted.

Las Olas:

Las Olas is a relatively popular, 549ft long intermediate trail featuring some interesting obstacles and incline changes along the track. Try it out and you’ll love it as long as you aren’t a complete novice.

Lost Ring:

Yet another severely difficult track, this one is 302ft and full of big drop ins, be warned, it is only recommended for expert mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes.

Mohr Trail:

A long and meandering trail, this one is in the form of a track and is 2191ft long. It’s intermediate, and while there are some up and downs on the incline front, it’s not massively challenging provided you have a decent fitness level and skill set.


This is the first option in terms of route choice for this multi-legged intermediate leg burner. 650ft to play with, and some interesting twists and turns along the way.

Outback 2: 

The second route is a bit longer at 1331ft but is still intermediate in difficulty. 

Outback Extension:

The third and final leg of Outback is not quite on the same level as the former two, this is the Outback extension. It is severe in difficulty, 671ft long and fraught with steep climbs and big drop ins. Try accordingly. 


This trail consists of a tightly looping 435ft of severe-rated difficulty trail. This is a fast and dynamic downhill, for this one you’ll need to be an expert mountain bike user, used to physically demanding routes.


A 736ft intermediate trail winding around the verges of the Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails, this one is rather scenic however it is purportedly slightly difficult, as an intermediate trail is frequented by more experienced riders.

Rock Garden:

Good technical route, around 400m long with one short climb and one descent. Navigating the rocks can be tricky but experienced riders shouldn’t find it hugely difficult, only recommended for expert mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes. 

Route 66 Part 1: 

Another great easy trail for beginners and novices, with minimal risks for things going wrong yet a fun, adrenaline fuelled ride to get your legs pumping. 2793ft long gradually sweeping singletrack.

Route 66 Part 2: 

A very fast paced, yet very fun and scenic singletrack. Many thrilling jumps, rubber burning turns and delight.

Ruben Loop: 

A very short and simple ride, not too much to worry about here. 461ft, short and sweet for riders of all skill levels. 

Semper Fi:

Another resoundingly easy one, despite its name, Semper Fi does not require Marine’s level skills and fitness to tackle, a fun easy-going ride of 976ft.


A 1319ft very fun intermediate trail with a bunch of smaller hips, spines and jumps to explore. Recommended for intermediates looking to level up their riding game.

Supercross Advanced:

Not a hugely popular one, this 314ft singletrack is marked as a severe difficulty trail, so do take precaution when looking to ride it. One main climb and one bomb.

Traverse Trail:

Another relatively beginner friendly trail, quite a steep decline but it’s not technical, so if you have a need for speed and 963m to hold onto the handles, then give it a bash!

Turtle Slide:

No idea how the naming of this one came about – but nonetheless this 961ft is a mild trail perfect for beginners and novices.

Twisted Trail:

This trail does a it sounds, twists and turns on a technical, severe difficulty way, and finishes off with a super steep incline climb till the end of 1027ft.


Another point and shoot name, this short yet difficult track is very steep and fast, definitely not recommended unless you’re an expert mountain bike user, used to physically demanding routes. Make sure your helmet is tight for this one.

Warm Up Loop:

Somewhere between being suitable for beginners and intermediate riders, use all of its 2288ft to your advantage to improve your skills, flow and techniques before moving to some of the harder trails.

Warm Up Loop (Expert Entrance):

As you guessed, this is another short but more challenging warmup loop for the Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails. For well-seasoned mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes.

Warmup Loop Expert:

Not much of a loop this one, however it’s a healthy 865ft long, of severe difficulty. If you’re using this as a warmup, you are by definition, am expert.


A rather popular and widely used easy singletrack, 899ft in length which is a pretty ideal length for novices to get used to the fun, fairly steep decline at the beginning.

Whale Trail:

A severe-rated trail with some death-defying drops and a fast hairpin bend. Not recommended for the faint of heart or fearer of speed. 

Yo Momma:

The last trail in the area is not a light-hearted schoolchild’s joke, but a rather challenging and severe uphill sprint, 1073ft of gradually increasing incline. 

Markham Full Lap

This “full lap” is exactly what it sounds like, and takes riders on nearly every trail throughout the park. In totality, it’s 13.2km/roughly 10 miles and along that, there isn’t a lot of change in elevation, but the terrain changes frequently.

From classic singletrack, to rock gardens, fast flowy berms, or steep technical climbs and descents making it super exciting, and testing your endurance and riding adaptability skills to the max.

There’s also a pump track and small freeride/dirt jump area. In addition to these traditional biking trails, a number of wider and more gradual adaptive trails have been introduced.

For a more detailed breakdown of the exact route and directions to take, visit this in-depth breakdown. 

Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails Review

All in all, this park is highly inclusive; having a trail for everyone whether you’re just getting into mountain biking, or are into some trails that would give enough adrenalin to make some pass out.

A very good balance and framework for riders to progress and have fun. Unfortunately, you can’t just waltz in, and a Broward County trail pass and signed waiver required.  

Annual and day passes are sold at the park office. Annual passes are good for Jan 1 to Dec 31. Trail passes are good for Quiet Waters Park too. The park is open 7 days a week, 8 am – 7:30 pm.  

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