Best BMX Brands – Our 5 Favorites

best bmx brands

If you’re looking for the best BMX brands to suit your needs, you’ve come to the right place! This post will help you decide what type of BMX bike is right for you. We’ll also give tips on how to find the right BMX bike for you, no matter if you are a beginner, adult …

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How To Schralp

how to schralp

Learning how to schralp is fun. Everyone loves an awesome schralp(or roost)…except maybe trail builders. Well definitely trail builders! They hate schralping, and for good reason.  Not only do schralps make you look cool, it makes you look like you’re going fast and the spray of dirt behind you looks super impressive! It’s also one …

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Markham Park Mountain Bike Trails

markham park mountain bike trails

Florida, USA is known for its theme parks, warm weather, and stunning beaches. While there is a large community of city BMX riders, there is also a strong community of mountain bikers too. For this article, we’ll be going over some spots in Florida to ride MTB, with emphasis on the Markham Mountain Bike Trails, …

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Orange County Mountain Bike Trails

Orange county mountain bike trails

Orange County Mountain Bike Trails are literally amazing and there are so many great places to mountain bike in the OC. There are a number of trails that vary in difficulty and terrain. The best part is, because the park systems in Orange County are interconnected, there is no need for you to be limited …

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Bedgebury Cycling

bedgebury park cycling

If you read our previous article about cycling and mountain biking attractions all around Kent, you’ll know that Bedgebury is one of the best attractions for riding in the entirety of Kent. For this article, we’ll be providing a more in-depth breakdown of the specific trails and what riding they’re suited for in the Bedgebury …

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Mountain Bike Maintenance

mountain bike maintenance

The Importance of Mountain Bike Maintenance When owning a Mountain bike these days; especially a high-end mountain bike variant as is most commonly used these days, it isn’t a farce that your bike could have set you back a similar amount if not more than your car!  Now, when it comes to your motor vehicle, …

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The Best Chainstay Protectors – 5 Choices

chainstay protector

Why Use A Chainstay Protector  Chains hit the chainstay all the time. Every hole, bump, jump or bounce on your bike will result in a chain slap on the chainstay. Whether it’s the annoying rattle the chain makes when it hits the stay, or the paint that’s chipping away on your frame, it’s always good …

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MTB Knee Pads – Why You Need Them

MTB Knee Pads

Why Use MTB Knee Pads?  Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous sport. We all know this. However, it has never quite been normalized to ride with the suitable protection.  At the end of the day, mountain bikes are more powerful and responsive than ever before, and with this increased speed and downhill performance, comes the …

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